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Visit The Refuge

The Wild Animal Refuge is located in a very remote area of southern Colorado.  And as such, it is not easily accessible and can be very difficult to reach.  The last 30 miles of roadway are dirt and poorly maintained, and do cause major issues for people whenever the roads become wet - either from rain or melting snow.


Additionally, there are no emergency services that can assist lost motorists or those with flat tires or mechanical issues.


There are also no medical response services - so the Refuge is not currently open to the public.


The land is both beautiful and majestic, as well as incredibly rugged and unspoiled.  It is perfect country for the rescued animals to live in and enjoy!


Each summer, the Refuge hosts a special event for Founders and Habitat Creators that have helped pay for this amazing oasis. Founders and Habitat Creators are those people that have purchased one or more acres during our campaign to complete the Refuge purchase or build an acre or more of natural habitats.

This year, in June and October of 2024, we will be hosting our sixth event for founding members and are currently offering five specific days to choose from.  Founders and Habitat Creators are welcome to visit for free on one of these five days and be able to tour this amazing facility.

Follow this link to Register for one of the five days if you are currently a founding member or habitat creator.  If you have not yet purchased land at the Refuge, please go to our purchase page to do so.  Once you have become a Founder or Habitat Creator, you can return to this page and choose your day to visit!

Questions or Concerns? Contact us

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