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The Refuge

Extending The Sanctuary

With The Wild Animal Sanctuary continuing to operate on 789 acres near Keenesburg, CO, this new 9,743-acre Refuge will allow the Sanctuary to continue saving Captive Wildlife far into the future.   Located in southern Colorado and sprawling across two counties (Baca and Las Animas) the Refuge offers endless beauty with incredible natural amenities for rescued animals to enjoy.


With the Sanctuary's Keenesburg site already hosting over 500 rescued Lions, Tigers, Bears, Wolves and other large carnivores, there was a critical need for additional land.  With thousands of animals remaining in illegal or abusive situations throughout the United States and around the world - it was imperative for the Sanctuary acquire more land.


The Refuge is one large contiguous block of land with no county roads bisecting the land, and no commercial or residential development for more than thirty miles.

Rescued animals can now live enriched lives roaming freely within large hundred acre habitats that are flush with completely natural amenities.

Map with outline of Refuge
9,743 Acres

Be Part Of Something Great!

Unprecedented Freedom

Join the largest and most vibrant sanctuary in the world and secure your own land for rescued animals.  By purchasing land and donating it to the animals, you give them a place in paradise to enjoy the rest of their lives!

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