The Wild Animal Refuge

9,684 Acres of Heaven on Earth

The Wild Animal Sanctuary's

Wild Animal Refuge

  • 9,684 Acres of contiguous land located in Southern Colorado 

  • Located in Las Animas & Baca Counties near the town of Springfield

  • Amazing natural landscape including Rocks, Trees, Hills, Buttes, Bluffs and Water

  • Endless room for one hundred, two hundred and three hundred acre habitats

  • An Extension of The Wild Animal Sanctuary located near Keenesburg, CO

An Extension of The Wild Animal Sanctuary

Two Tigers
Relaxing in Shade
lush valley
Refuge Canyons run for miles!
Rehabilitated Tiger
Grizzly Bear in Habitat
Rescued Tiger
Natural Springs and water in Canyons
Two Tigers
Grizzly Exploring
Grizzly Bear
Rescued Lion
Mountain Lion Freedom
Grizzly Bears
Family Groupings
Refuge Expanse

Please Watch This Critical Message

Save A Life Today

Make a difference by giving the gift of freedom to an animal that was rescued from an illegal or abusive situation.

Amazing Opportunity!

The Wild Animal Sanctuary has already invested over four million dollars toward the purchase of this beautiful refuge.  Caring people now have a wonderful opportunity to be part of this historic event by helping complete the refuge through a purchase of one, two, three or more acres of land in order to donate it to the animals.

buys 1 acre of paradise



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Keenesburg, CO 80643

Springfield, CO 81073

TEL: 303-536-0118