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Time To Layout Habitats

Now that the Roads, Power and Carnivore Nutrition Center are complete and in place, it was time to start building the habitats for our animals to live in.

Planning their layout was the first step toward construction, and helped define the overall workflow for this coming summer.


Grading Pathways for Fencing

The second step was to grade clear pathways for our special fencing.

Clean paths that surround unique features help create the outline of each habitat.


Each habitat includes high ridges and hill tops as well as canyon bottoms where the habitat fencing travels as it surrounds each feature.


First Habitat

From the air this 35 acre habitat looks relatively small.  However, it is 10 acres larger than the biggest habitat we have in Keenesburg.

The next three habitats being built will range between 45 to 310 acres in size.

Although they look like bushes, those are actually One Seed Juniper Trees that average 14' to 16' in height.

Thousands of Fence Poles

With miles and miles of habitat fencing being installed, we are thankful that all of our poles are donated by Excel Energy.  The only snag is, we have to cut them at our Keenesburg site and then haul them to the Refuge on a weekly basis.


Water System

Along with building habitats, we also need to install multiple water supply systems - both for the animals and the workers/staff who are busy building everything.


Summer 2019

Although the winter snow storms have slowed construction, we are reaching a point where those will lessen and allow us to get much more done on a daily basis.


Construction on the habitats will continue all summer, but we hope to have the first animals arriving  (to live in the 35 acre habitat) by sometime in May or June.